Environmental Portraits

A view of Kansas at 1,800ft..

Last month I got an assignment from Sunflower Publishing to make some images of local pilot legend Nelson Krueger.  Nelson has been a pilot for 50 years and on the day that I met him at the Lawrence Municipal Airport, he turned 70.  I got to go up with him in a little Cessna 172-S on his 70th birthday flight over Lawrence.  Pretty cool.  Nelson showed me all the sights and I did my best to not drop my camera out the window.  I got some great views of the Kansas River, the new-ish Bowersock Dam, the Clinton Lake Marina, and KU.  I also got a cool shot of Lakeview Lake (a really uninspired name for a lake).  It's a natural "oxbow lake" that used to be part of the Kansas River.  Neat. 

Below are some of the aerial shots I gathered on the flight as well as an image of Nelson that was used in the article for Lawrence Senior Magazine.

sometimes, 30 seconds is all you get...

Last week, I covered an event at the Dole Institute of Politics that featured the Federal Reserve Bank president and CEO, Robert Kaplan.  I had less than 30 seconds to take his portrait.  It was one of those "oh boy, here we go!" moments that can certainly elevate a photographer's heart-rate.  Here's what I got.  (I also added a shot from the lecture, because the Dole Institute is so cool...)

mic test...one, two

Here it is, the birth of a blog.  I'm not going to dilly dally...time to just blast on in.

I was recently commissioned by Midland Care Connection to do some imaging at their care facility, in Topeka, KS.  We started the day off with some headshots for staff members...

After the headshot session, we were off to get images of some of the guests at the care facility.  The little lady in the photo below is 100 years old and I can only hope to have her kind of energy if I'm lucky enough to make it to that age.  It was a good day, photographer and client happy.  I'm definitely looking forward to working more with this fantastic organization...